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Before the Game

$18 per player

To maximize fun and puzzling, the ideal # of players is 4-6. But that’s not necessary! Games are perfectly set up for 2-8 players, so get your crew and bring on the fun. First-timer or minimal experience? The more players the better – teamwork makes the dream work! Escape room enthusiast? You’ll find the perfect challenge with 2-3 players.
2 Players 3 Players 4-8 Players
$30/player $25/player $20/player

Purchase tickets at least 1 hour prior to the game start time. All games are private, so you will always be with your own group.

Our pricing is per player, not per device. Each player should have access to their own device(s) to maximize their game play experience. If two people are playing from one device, it will be considered two players.

A: We do not have a minimum age requirement, but some puzzles may be difficult for children under 14 years old. Any players under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

A: The schedule displays Pacific Standard Time, so keep this in mind when booking your game.

A: You can reschedule once at no cost, as long as it’s 72 hours before your game. Please email us at info@thevirtualbreakout.com to reschedule.

If it’s less than 72 hours before your game, you can give your spot to a friend since tickets are not tied to a specific player. Since live moderators are scheduled, we have a no-cancellation policy.

A: Yes! Email us at least two hours prior to your booking at info@thevirtualbreakout.com to add players to your booking. Each additional player requires a ticket for entry to the game.

Game Day

A: Up to 75 minutes. The first 15 minutes is for intros, rules and set up, then you’ll have 1 hour to escape. The amount of time needed to escape will depend on your experience level.

A: We recommend players have two devices or screens to play. One device/screen will be used for Zoom and the other to navigate through our virtual game. But this isn’t mandatory – we’ve had plenty of savvy escapees using one screen!

Players will need a webcam (suggested) and microphone (required). Headphones are suggested to prevent echo when playing videos while on Zoom.

Pen and paper are optional but will be very helpful!

A: Sign into the Zoom link provided 5-10 minutes before the start of your game to test audio and video. The game can start early if all your players have joined and are ready to go. For some guidance on using Zoom, here’s a helpful video:

A: Due to the live nature of our game, please arrive early or on time. If we need to wait for any late arrivals, time will be deducted from the 60 minutes allotted for gameplay.

A: Our moderator will be present throughout the game to assist your team. There’s no limits on how many hints you can request from your moderator.

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