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Choose your escape


Stop a dangerous hacker & save the planet!

Minimum 4 players
7/10 Difficulty

Your mission

You’ve landed your dream job in the world of espionage. Congrats!

But day one is more exciting than expected: the world’s most dangerous hacker threatens to nuke the planet.

It’s up to you and your recruits to find the hacker and stop him before time runs out…for good.


Travel into films & tv shows on a channel surfing adventure

Minimum 4 players
6/10 Difficulty

the plot

Your band has finally made the big time!

An hour before your concert world premiere, a mysterious force zaps you and the host to another channel.

Guide the host back to their own channel across movies, cartoons, game shows and reality TV, just in time to rock the stage!


Voyage into an intergalactic escapade full of thrills

Minimum 4 players
8/10 Difficulty

Your quest

Top Secret
Mission Pending

Your quest

File unlocks
Summer 2021

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